Essay : "The Negative Effects of Technology For Human"

This is my essay assignment when I took Writing 2 in my study. Sorry if there are any mistakes in my essay, very short essay I mean, enjoy this! :)

The Negative Effects of Technology For Human 

         Technology is not a strange thing in our life. Now, technology is being an important part of human life. Almost all of people in the world using technology in their daily life activities. Although technology is very useful for human life, technology also has some negative effects for human.
        The first negative effect of technology for human is in healthy. Most of technology have electromagnetic waves that can damage human's health. The electromagnetic waves will damage the healthy of the people that often use that technology.

          Another negative effect of technology is for human economics. Most of people want to show their ability for buying the newest technology although the price is very expensive. They wasting their money for buying the newest technology that actually they are not need just for a prestige.  They also want to show to other people that they are not a stammer person in technology.

         Thirdly, the negative effect of technology is in cultural changing. A technology can change a culture in a place. It happens caused by audio-visual technology like television. When most of people in a place watch foreign people cultures in the television, they will think that the foreign people cultures is better than their cultures. They will leave their own culture and will adopt foreign people cultures, and it will make a cultural changing in that place.

       Can damage healthy, human economics, and cultural changing are the negative effects of technology for human. We should use the technology wisely to reduce the negative effects. However, human still need technology to easier their daily activity.

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