Narrative Text: The Legend of Batu Banama

This narrative text was made by myself when I took Writing 3 subject, really really short narrative text hahahahaha
Let's cekidot!!!!

The Legend of Batu Banama

Once upon a time there lived a mother with her child. They lived by the river of Sebangau. His mother named Bawi Kuwu and her child named Tangkiling.

One day, when Tangkiling was playing with his friends, he felt hungry and went home to eat. But, he didn’t want to wait his mother for cooking. Then, he cried and made his mother angry. Then, Bawi Kuwu hit his head until injured. 

Tangkiling ran away from home and adopted by a merchant from China. Then,  Tangkiling was invited to China by the merchant. The merchant taught Tangkiling how to trade. So, Tangkiling was trusted by the merchant to sail and trade in Indonesia. 

One day, Tangkiling came to Sebangau river used a large ship. On that time a large ship called Banama by Dayakese. Tangkiling came to that place to trade. But, he forgot that Sebangau river is a place where he was born.  Then, he and his crew lived long enough in that place. 

Tangkiling got  a news that there was a beautiful woman in that place. Then, he married her. He didn’t know that the woman is  Bawi Kuwu, his mother. 

One time, Tangkiling asked his wife to look flea on his head. When she looked on his head, she saw a scar. She asked Tangkiling about the scar on his head and he told about how he got the scar. Then, she realized and told him that he is her son. But, Tangkiling did not believe what she said. He thought if she is his mother, she would have been old. Then, Bawi Kuwu told him that she had been given endless beauty by the Almighty. But, Tangkiling just laughed. He swore if what  she said is true, let the Almighty cursed him.

Suddenly, there came a great storm and thick clouds. Then, it began to rain, thunder, and lightning shouted. He and his large ship cursed to a stone. But, unfortunately Bawi Kuwu was trapped inside the ship. The large ship that turned to a stone called Batu Banama.

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